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A Journal of Nautical Things

as told by a san diego maritime museum volunteer

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First off, I'm female. That's always a good thing to know.
I'm a San Diego Maritime Museum Volunteer with a deep love of anything British. I use British spellings regardless of the consequences, which has often led to lowered marks on essays. My pet hates include American spellings, names spelt wrong, and the misuse of shipboard terms.

I know how to sail reasonably well. I like poems by Alfred Noyes and John Masefield (specifically 'The Highwayman' and 'Sea Fever' respectively). My favourite book would have to be Hitchhiker's Guide, but I also enjoy historical fiction and non-fiction relating to the Royal Navy. I wouldn't call myself a history buff (due to my God-awful memory), but I absolutely love history, especially the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. I also tend to scramble my words. A lot. I once said 'kea tettle' when trying to say 'tea kettle'. I never heard the end of it.


My main obsession is Doctor Who. Though I have difficulty deciding on a favourite Doctor, I have a deep fondness for Four (my first Classic Doctor), Eight (‘cos I loved him before even seeing the TVM), and Eleven. I was introduced to the New Series, but I absolutely love Classic. My first episode was The Girl in the Fireplace, which I mistakenly thought was a period drama at first. I was very much ‘wtf?’ when a random spaceship popped up.
I believe the Doctor Loves Them All, and with fandom being fandom, I’ll accept just about any ship (though I have a couple favourites).

Aside from Doctor Who, I'm quite fond of a good period drama. The obvious nautical ones such as Master and Commander and Horatio Hornblower are obvious, but I also have a soft spot for Jane Austen.

As for music, I can listen to just about anything but rap (which I strongly believe isn’t really music). Queen is Made of Win and I enjoy The Beatles, but I also listen to Classical music, some soundtracks, and sea shanties.

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