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February 15th, 2011

O hai, LJ...

Wow, look. It's been almost a year since my last post. My last post was a sort of goodbye post, though, so that's okay. I'm still keeping up my sailing blog linked in the post below. Which means I must've been at it for almost a year, which is a bit shocking to me.

One reason I vanished is because all the hype about the new Doctor was going on and I wanted to stay away from spoilers and experience the regeneration when it aired (which of course was later in the States). After that long break I sort of fell out of fandom and gained other obsessions... Like sailing. A lot. But! Now I am all caught up in Doctor Who and have fallen back in fandom! I absolutely love Matt Smith as the Doctor and am eagerly awaiting Series 6. Especially since there is a pirate ship, and I can finally have a nautical Who episode that isn't (I hope) set in space... Still think there needs to be a Trafalgar episode, though.

The other reason I vanished was because of this thing called RSS... I set myself up a Google Reader thingy and now read my f-list through that. So I hardly ever actually come on LiveJournal. Which means I never ever post.

So, well. There you have it. I'll probably go vanish for another year, then.