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EDIT: I'm good now. Don't need any more. And I am feeling decidedly more cheerful with the prospects of sailing all weekend! =D Thanks to all who helped. And if you absolutely really want to take the survey, go ahead and I can easily edit the data.

So. My bloody [expletive deleted]ing group decided that I have to do the whole analysis of our project just because I 'said I would' before I knew I would be gone all weekend. I tried reasoning with them, but they're excuse was, 'You said you'd do it!' Apparently the don't understand that laptop + ocean = Not a Good Thing.
And two of them couldn't get the information. I need twenty of these filled out. If any of you (pleasepleaseplease) could answer these questions I'd really appreciate it. It's about gay marriage, which I know is a controversial issue and this project is for my US government class, but no matter where you're from I'd really really appreciate it if you filled one out. It's anonymous, so go ahead and comment anonymously. Just delete the answers that don't apply to you.

I will love you forever (despite not knowing who you are) if you helped me out.Collapse )

On a lighter tone, I am excited about sailing this weekend, and sleeping over on the Surprise Saturday! I'm just a bit emo 'cos my group decided that sailing all weekend is Absolutely No Work At All and I'm going to be on a bloody cruise. I'd like to see them hauling a halyard and blistering their hands...

Exciting Times!

Well, for my standards, anyway.

I've sort of come to the realisation that I am, indeed, a senior and should probably start applying to colleges. Which is a bit Not Fun, for I bloody well don't know when I lead a group or team through a challenging situation.
I've decided to apply to practically every college in San Diego, for to stay close to the Maritime Museum. And I'm even applying to the Coast Guard Academy. Which is rather shocking. I'm still not entirely sure if I actually want to go there (though my parents are all for it, seeing as the government pays for my tuition), but I figured I might as well apply. The bad part is the physical fitness exam that I have to go through just to apply (and again once I get there for 'Swab Summer'). I've never actually done any sports and am rather lazy. But, I'm willing to try. I just need to find the time now to actually get in shape.

In other news, Crew is being fun, for we are sail training on Surprise. We'll get to go out for a practice sail next week, so that should be jolly spiffing. =D Today Swanny brought his new dachshund puppy, Fritz, to get him used to large crowds of people. It's endlessly amusing to see manly sailor men fawning over a puppy. xD

And in that Doctor Who news.
I'm really not bothered. At all. Waaay too many people are too angry/sad/emo about it to be a part of this fandom. Seriously.


Today is Trafalgar Day!

I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad, but I think I'll lean towards happy 'cos of the victory, but still be a bit sad for Nelson.



So, I decided to check out the new American Life on Mars, just to see how awful it is. I suppose going into it thinking like that makes me rather biased. But it's, like, an exact copy. Only American. And not as awesome. It's rather bothering me. And I haven't even gotten in ten minutes.

On the Fore, on the Main, on the Mizzen!

Well. Today was a nice full day of hauling lines.

I think I'm going to go sleep now.

A nautical day of nauticalness.

Yay, Free Time appears to be being friendly with me again.

So, sail training has started up in preparation for the November sail. That means getting to Crew at 7.30 instead of 8.30. I'm on HMS Surprise for both days. I'm on the foremast crew, which is actually over-manned. I stood around trying to jump in but being cut off by other people jumping in. I got to haul a line once, though. And make up all the lines when we were done. Which I do rather like. Hopefully next week I'll be able to jump in faster than other people. I'm going to go down to the museum again Wednesday for the Ship Modeller's Guild, so I think I'll go a little earlier and study the pins.
After crew was fun, too, for I got to go sailing on a friend's boat. And afterwards I got to be hauled up the mast in a bosun's chair to get a new line through a block. xD It was rather fun. Height was nothing compared to the t'gallant on Eagle, though.

I'm really anxious to start climbing. I need to do a pull-up. Preferably by the time I turn eighteen (30th December!). If anyone can share any tips on doing pull-ups, that'd be great. xD That's with palms facing forward, mind. Being jibboom qualified will get me to the mainyard on Surprise, though. So hopefully they'll let me do that once I'm eighteen.
-headdesk- I've never wanted to be older more than I do now. And not even for the normal reasons. Sometimes I wish the Museum wasn't so strict when it comes to climbing qualifications.

I didn't have enough time to watch all of Sarah's Classic serials (nor could I even find all of the serials). But here are my type-while-watching comments on the serials I was able to fit into my busy week. Plus! Episodes one and two of SJA S2!

The Time WarriorCollapse )

Invasion of the Dinosaurs!Collapse )

Death to the Daleks!Collapse )

Unfortunately, I could not find Monster of Peladon. Maybe one day I'll find it and update this.

Planet of the Spiders!Collapse )

Robot!Collapse )

Ark in Space!Collapse )

Sontaran Experiment!Collapse )

And this is when my marathon sort of dies. I didn't have time to watch Genesis, which I do have on DVD. I'll probably get to it one day, though.

Revenge of the Cybermen!Collapse )
And I didn't have time/couldn't find any season 13 or 14. Which I really do enjoy very much. I blame the Beeb for not sharing.
I might get to it one day, though, and update this post with my commentaries.

But I have decided that the Sarah Era is my favourite Era of Doctor Who (with some buffer zone of Jo and Leela eras surrounding it).
And I've come to the conclusion that I watch Doctor Who for, as they say, the lulz.

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for bloody ever.

The Last Sontaran 1+2 (SPOILERS, obv.)Collapse )

And, er, that's it!

I'm quite excited! =D

In celebration of the second series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, I have decided to watch Sarah's Classic serials from Time Warrior to Hand of Fear and doing type-while-you-watch commentaries. I'll post them all in one batch when I'm done and if I find some extra time I might go on to Five Doctors and K-9 and Company. Though I doubt I'll have enough time for S1 of SJA. I've finished Time Warrior and am now about to move on to Invasion of the Dinosaurs, and so on. When the new series starts up I'll probably do the same commentaries. =D Can't wait!

And in other news, I had Crew today. And polished brass. And, er, that was about it.
But first, I'll tell a bit about today. Crew was rather fun, though there really wasn't much work to do today. After Crew, though, I got to sail on a friend's boat, and that was really fun. And, er, that's about it.

The journal.Collapse )
Photos can be found here, for I am too lazy to post them all individually. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures from the t'gallant, but I think Salina did so I'll ask her for them and post them when I get them.

In other news, I positively can't wait for SJA to start up. This series looks to be absolutely brilliant. Possible spoiler! Be warned!Collapse )

And I might start using international code for chatspeak. Such as lima oscar lima (lol), or whiskey tango foxtrot (wtf). For it is just generally amusing.

I'm back!

And I have been back for quite a while. I just haven't had time to post anything. I did keep a journal, but I still need to type it up. And I just uploaded the photos (the cable had been misplaced for quite some time, I eventually found it in my Junk Drawer). I'll post loads more about it later, I just thought it was about time I announced my return.

And, on a school-related note, the year started out a tad stressful, mostly due to missing two days, a Difficult Maths Class (that wasn't really difficult, but exactly the same as the class I took last year with Loads More Work) and a lost textbook for said class (resulting in inability to do homework and more stress), but all is well (for now), for I have dropped Difficult Maths Class for a Fun and Easy Class that, as a bonus, counts for a maths credit! Hurrah! So I currently love every single one of my classes! =D I just hope that book turns up before the end of the year when I have to pay for it.